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Eclipse Theatre - 4 Commissions Announced - apply

4 October 2017

Four Commissions Announced -from Eclipse Theatre  Apply Here!

Talented. Provocative. Innovating. Entertaining. Brave. Based in the North* and Black**. 

We see you. We know you’re here. We know  you’ve been here all along. 

Slate is a three-year movement supporting Black artists in the North to work on a local, national and international level. Born from a consultancy with Black artists across the region and led by Eclipse, this programme is designed to help you build a stronger, more visible practice locally, nationally and internationally. 

We want to know your dreams for the future.

If you’re an artist working in any form or medium, currently based in the North of England, and you have an idea or a project you’re ready to get off the ground – this is for you.

There are four commissions available in this first round of commissioning:

Research and Develop: two commissions available to support artists to research, develop and work through new concepts or ideas - £4000. 

Make: two commissions available to support artists ready to get their project up and running: one of the commissions is aimed at artists interested in making work for younger audiences (13 – 25 Year olds) - £8000.

The Provocation- The Emancipated Artist 

We’d like to hear your visions for the future. We believe that the arts have the capacity to lead the radical political and cultural change our society is crying out for. 
We think that making work as Black artists is inherently political. 
Slate will commission four new works by Black artists which confront the system, not just taking power back from those who use it to oppress and abuse, but also to rethink what power is and how it operates.
For more info on the brief and how to apply, click here

Slate is led by Eclipse Theatre Company. The Consortia are Live Theatre, ARC, Hull Truck, York Theatre Royal, Pilot Theatre, Forced Entertainment, East Street Arts, Bradford City Council, HOME, Unity Theatre and Oxford Playhouse.