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Apply to run Flo Theatre Masterclasses

4 January 2018

In February Flo Theatre Company in Cardiff is embarking on a development programme for BAME artists and others who identify a barrier to a career in the arts in Wales supported by Arts Council Wales. 

Flo are looking to bring 15 artists: writers, actors and directors together for a week of masterclasses and then a week of paid creation. Split into companies they will create new work that will be shared with venues, producers, companies and potential partners for the work. Often in Wales we hear the response to the lack of diversity in our theatre is that there is a lack of artists. We think this isn’t always true and hope to give better opportunity for important conversation to take place as well as giving emerging artists a chance to meet with decision makers. 

Flo are looking for Mid-Career artists to deliver Masterclasses for this project. The Masterclasses are paid at a day rate of £300 plus travel. 

Flo are looking for the following: 

  • A Writer who is able to give a masterclass on the creation of an idea. Exploring how you first take an idea or concept and put it on paper. Sharing their process and experience through a writing workshop with all our participants. 
  • A Director who is able to share their process on approaching a script for the first time. Working with everyone in the room to explore the role of the director and how you explore a vision for a piece. 
  • A writer/performer who can give a masterclass on character creation. Examining both the aspect of creating a character for the page and also creating a character for the stage. How do we create an imaginary person. 



Fio, Unit 17, Freemans Parc
Penarth Road. Cardiff, Wales
CF11 8EQ