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Apply: New Diorama Theatre's Artist Development Programme 2018-19 for emerging & mid-career theatre companies

12 December 2017

New Diorama Theatre's Artist Development Programme 2018/19 for emerging and mid-career theatre groups.

The Edinburgh Festival Fringe is a vital showcase and opportunity for artists, however, every year, it becomes more difficult for early and mid-career artists to take their work to the Fringe – especially groups who aren’t presenting solo shows. Untapped, presented by New Diorama and Underbelly, is the most ambitious opportunity on offer to take exceptional work to the Edinburgh Fringe.

Each year for the next three years, New Diorama is undertaking a nationwide search to find three of the best early-career, and more established mid-career companies who want to present work at the Edinburgh Fringe. Each selected group will receive:

An Incredible Venue & Deal

Working with Underbelly, New Diorama Theatre will secure a great venue and time for each show, with each company receiving an enhanced 65/35 box office split with no venue deposit or guarantee.

A Cash Investment

As well as a great slot at Underbelly, each group will receive £3,000 in cash towards their travel and accommodation.  

Press, marketing and access

New Diorama and Underbelly will provide free marketing support, seven hours of festival flyering each day for all groups, outdoor poster boards and production photography. Underbelly and NDT are also hiring the services of incredible PR gurus Borkowski to act as press agents for each group throughout the festival. New Diorama will also provide funds to ensure each group deliver access captioned performances as part of their run at the Edinburgh Fringe.

London Showcase

Each year, after the festival, New Diorama will be transferring all the Untapped shows back to London for a spectacular showcase.

Deadline for applications is midnight Sunday 28th January, 2018